Project Management General Duties

  1. Define the requirements of the project, including scope, quality and overall budget and schedule of work.
  2. Assign a Resident Designated Project Manager to be the main contact.
  3. Establish protocol for all communication issues throughout the project.
  4. Prepare project policies and procedures to be distributed to all team members.
  5. Visit the proposed site, review and record existing site conditions.
  6. Advise the Client as to the suitability of the site under consideration for the project (as required).
  7. Review all agreements with the project consultants, contractors and vendors and ensure that all commitments contained therein are satisfied.
  8. Advise and assist the Client in respect of the approval process with statutory authorities and the procurement of requisite permits.
  9. Structure the project into manageable sub-entities.
  10. Pre-qualify, recommend, select and negotiate contracts with consultants, contractors, vendors and suppliers on behalf of the Client.
  11. Manage the design for conformity with the agreed project requirements and budget, and administer design changes.
  12. Project Scheduling
  13. Status Reports and Updates
  14. Project Cost Control and Tracking
  15. Suggest alternatives, evaluate them, and assist the Client to decide between them so as to best meet the Client’s needs in terms of scope, time, quality and cost.
  16. Identify and document dates when user requirements and decisions or approval by the Client are required and advising the Client of the effect on the project of delayed decisions or approvals.
  17. Identify to the Client the impact (time, quality, and cost) of proposed changes, so that the client may make well-informed decisions whether or not to proceed with the proposed changes.
  18. Chair regular project meetings with stakeholders and provide Minutes.
  19. Work with the consultants to coordinate the procurement, expediting and quality control of all required materials, equipment and services, including those supplied by the Client.
  20. Work with the consultants to ensure construction proceeds on time, including prequalification, tendering, contract negotiation, contract administration, and expediting as appropriate.
  21. Manage construction implementation for conformity with the approved Design, including detailed scheduling and coordination, management of inspection, administration of construction changes, approvals of progress claims, completion certificates, management of deficiency and warranty work, commissioning, operating manuals and record documentation.
  22. Provide an onsite presence during all phases.
  23. Ensure that all equipment and services are fully operational.
  24. Conduct “walk through” and issue a final deficiency report during each phase.
  25. Assist the Client in start-up and or operating procedures.