Project Management Methodology

The following is an overview of the various processes that I utilize in all of the projects that I am involved with. It is essential that these principals are utilized from the inception of the project so that it also becomes a habit-forming action (HFA).

Approach and Methodology

Project scope

All parts of the team understand the scope of the project at its inception.

Pre design review

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Project process

Who gets what, when, and in what order, including timelines.

Contract language

Clear concise goals from within the contractual language between the contractor and the client, includes timelines for all parties review and submissions.


All parties understand the need and exceptional resource that a quality schedule is for all stakeholders.


All stakeholders understand that when we succeed, we all succeed.

Transparent Document tracking

Allows all stakeholders to see where the paperwork is and who might be holding it up.

Project cost control and tracking.